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SnowUniverse, the expert in ski equipment and snowboarding gear, provides a large choice of men's and women's snowboard boots from brands including Salomon, Deeluxe, Head and Burton. Discover our selection of snowboard shoes including boa snowboard boots.

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How to choose and buy snowboard boots

There are a couple of important criteria when choosing and buying a pair of snowboard boots. First of all, a pair of snowboarding boots must provide an excellent transmission between your feet and the snowboard while controlling the board to perfection. Therefore, it's best to begin your selected your snowboard boots according to the flexibility of their sole. A more flexible sole will ensure some comfort, especially for beginners. A stiffer sole is suited to a more experienced snowboarder, allowing a firm hold of the ankle. At SnowUniverse, we offer a selection of top brands of snowboard boots, combining rigidity and flexibility to satisfy all levels, such as Deeluxe and Head.

How to choose and buy a snowboard

Before choosing a pair of snowboard boots, it's important to choose a snowboard best suited to your snowboarding style and level. SnowUniverse offers a wide range of snowboards with bindings and snowboards without bindings if you prefer to set up your new snowboard with your own bindings. To help you choose the right snowboard, we've provided all our advice and suggestions in our snowboard buying guide. Don't forget to check out our range of winter accessories, including bags and body protection.