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After you've found your perfect snowboard, have a look around on SnowUniverse for the right snowboard bindings! The ones we offer will keep you on top. Volkl, and Drake — brands that have proved their worth. Find the right snowboard binding — freestyle or freeride, suitable for your style of snowboarding.

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Choose the snowboard binding to maximise your fun in the snow

There are two types of snowboard binding. One type is plates which are used with rigid shoes, reserved for alpine snowboarding. The other type is binding straps which are used with soft snowboard boots, suitable for freeride snowboarding as well as freestyle snowboarding. To choose your snowboard binding you should identify your level and style of snowboarding. You can consult our buying guide on this subject. The robustness of a snowboard binding will depend on its quality and price, and therefore the materials used in its design. On this point, at SnowUniverse, we are very focussed to the quality of the snowboarding products for sale. You should also consider the lightness and versatility of the bindings according to your needs. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the SnowUniverse team!