Hiking poles 

Passionate about outdoor sports, our team has selected the best equipment for you. For lovers of the mountains and the great outdoors, our outdoor gear has been carefully chosen, including our range of Nordic walking poles, trail walking poles and trekking poles. Lightness, comfort and resistance — these are the criteria that we look for when we choose our stock. Discover our selection from top brands including Guidetti, TSL, Leki and Kimberfeel!

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Hiking poles - it's a French speciality

With all our beautiful mountains, the practice of Nordic walking and hiking is very popular in France. French-based brands have therefore become the experts in the design and manufacture of Nordic walking and trail poles. For example, TSL Outdoor, a recognised specialist in snowshoeing, has developed a range of trekking poles made in France, which you can discover on our dedicated page. Also discover Guidetti, a specialist in hiking gear since 2004, with all hiking poles made in France. There are two leaders who develop products with passion and know-how.

How to choose hiking poles

What sport suitable for everyone, good for the body and the mind, and combines physical exertion and natural — often — surroundings? The answer is Nordic walking. Choosing a set of trekking poles might seem straightforward. For your comfort, and to ensure a perfect harmony between equipment and body (your body and your walking poles must be one) a few tips can help you make the right choice. The weight from one Nordic walking pole to the next can vary, as well as its robustness and comfort, which is pertinent to your usage. You should be mindful of the type of materials used for the handle, for example. Finally, don't forget about telescopic hiking poles. Consult our guide for buying hiking poles to help you purchase the most suitable poles for you.. And then, enjoy the hikes!