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SnowUniverse, votre expert en équipement outdoor est votre interlocuteur privilégié dans le choix de vos raquettes à neige. Nous proposons un large choix de raquettes à neige TSL Outdoor, une marque leader dans le domaine du sport de montagne.

SnowUniverse, an expert in outdoor equipment, should be your preferred contact for choosing your snowshoes. We offer a wide choice of snowshoes from TSL Outdoor who are a leading mountain sports brand worldwide, born right here in Thônes. 

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Snowshoeing: a fantastic winter sport to discover!

Do you like hiking in the mountains? Do you like strolling around nature to enjoy peaceful moments in magical landscapes where the snow is still untracked and the only noise around you is that of the snow squeaking under your feet? Snowshoeing is probably for you! Before you try snowshoeing, benefits from our advice on choosing your equipment with our snowshoe buying guide.

Buying a pair of snowshoes

How do you choose a pair of snowshoes? Which technical elements should you take into account when choosing your equipment? As with any sports equipment purchase, like buying skis or buying a snowboard for example, buying a pair of snowshoes requires some choices to be made. First of all, you should define your style of snowshoeing — for tranquil walks or for competition. You should also determine the type of terrain you expect to snowshoe on — hikes on trails, alpine hikes or running. In addition, it's imperative to consider the elements of snowshoes: the bindings, the grips and blades, and the grid. And to remain stable during your snowshoeing adventures, make sure you select the right pair of poles.

How to choose the right snowshoe poles

Snowshoeing is usually best done with a pair of poles for stability and comfort both on and off the snowy tracks. SnowUniverse offers a wide range of trekking poles to support you better during snowshoeing, making your winter hikes much more enjoyable. With poles from both TSL Outdoor and Guidetti, we offer a range of high-quality products.