SnowUniverse guide for buying a snowboard

SnowUniverse guide for buying a snowboard

SnowUniverse guide for buying a snowboard

Choosing your snowboard requires two steps:

1. Define your level of snowboarding

2. Choose your preferred type of snowboarding

Once you’ve completed these two steps, you can use our selection tool and choose from snowboards that suit your needs. You can always contact us for advice by email or phone.

What is your level of snowboarding?

  • Level 1: beginner to intermediate snowboarder: Snowboarders in this group are learning to turn on their heal and toe edges, and control the falling leaf movement and stopping. They can control your trajectory, and turn between skiers without touching them. They can manage green and blue runs but you’re still inexperienced on red and black.
  • Level 2: advanced to expert snowboarder: They can stop quickly. They no longer shun rails, and they've already broken the sound barrier in deep powder. If you're in this group, you’re good!

What are the different types of snowboarding?

choisir son snowboard avant l'achat

  • On-piste, versatlie snowboarder: You like big turns on groomed trails. You've started alpine snowboarding. You’re looking for a snowboard that takes you everywhere throughout the day. You venture off piste when conditions are good. You do a few jumps when you feel like it.
  • Freestyle snowboarder: You are a kicker addict. You can’t help popping off bumps that you see while riding. You spend your day walking back up the half-pipe and you spend the night with a shovel to build your next kicker.
  • Freeride snowboarder: You shirk authority. You want to snowboard wherever you want, whenever you want. You're a supporter of freeriding. You prefer an expanse of powdery, untracked snow to groomed runs. You ride with an avalanche transceiver and a probe.

When buying a snowboard pack, are the bindings mounted on the snowboard?

No. When buying a snowboard package, bindings are not mounted. Due to shipping constraints, snowboard bindings are best left unmounted until they reach you. Mounting snowboard bindings is a breeze and is seen by most snowboarders as part of the initiation ritual of snowboarding. You get enjoy the arrival of your snowboard following your purchase, as well as to understand all of the possible settings. Our consultants are, of course, available to help you with your setup.

Need advice: contact us by email or phone. All our advisors are trained to answer all your questions.

Can I prepare my snowboard equipment before shipping by SnowUniverse?

Snowboards are sold with a factory-standard wax. We recommend waxing the base before its first use. Our SnowUniverse ski technicians can prepare your equipment in-store before sending. You have a choice of waxing and sharpening done by our technicians in our workshop on the website. If you buy our preparation service when you purchase your snowboard, the tuning will be done before shipping. Good preparation and maintenance of equipment greatly increases the lifetime of your snowboard.

After buying a snowboard, is it under warranty?

All items are guaranteed by the manufacturer. The warranty duration varies depending on the equipment. Warranty processing is done by us. If problems occur, please use our after-sales service form.

SnowUniverse guide to sustainable development

The first thing you can do to help reduce the environmental impact of skiing and snowboarding is to reduce the use of natural resources for the manufacture of alpine skis by using your equipment for longer by taking care to maintain it regularly. To keep your snowboard in great shape, wax it regularly during the season if the base is white and again at the end of the season to protect your base during summer. Regularly sharpening its edges restores your snowboard grip on hard snow. The plastic base usually recover well from rock scratches with base filler (p-tex) and smoothing. For more violent impacts that go deeper than the base, call a specialist to repair it as quickly as possible; avoid water getting inside the surface structure. A well-maintained snowboard will last longer.

Has your snowboard reached the end of its life? You can send it to us, and we’ll recycle your snowboard equipment in partnership with the waste reprocessing company Tri-Vallée.