TSL Symbioz 

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  • 640g THE PAIR !The Symbioz Racing has been specially designed for highspeed snowshoe enthusiasts. Their extreme flexibility offers a completely natural-feeling stride, fantastic weight transfer and unparalleled lightness (320g/0.70lbs per foot), making these snowshoes a natural extension of your body.

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  • The highly structured frame, toe crampon and 8 studs give the Symbioz Access very good grip. They are designed for winter walkers who are seeking a completely natural stride.

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  • Version 2 of the Symbioz Motion offers enhanced grip with 8 new stainless steel studs. These shoes retain all of the advantages of the original. They are quick to put on, comfortable and close-fi tting, and the Hyperfl ex concept offers a wonderfully comfortable stride. 

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