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Marcel Mercier and his wife Janine took over a wholesale business on 1st April,1966 at 12 rue d'Autun in Chalon sur Saône. The shop, located in a small residential street, had a surface area of 30m², with a cellar of 15m². Another storage area on the other side of the street provided an additional 30m² of storage space. The trade generated at the time a turnover of 320,000 Francs (50,000 €).

Over the next five years, the company grew and had to move to accommodate the expansion. It was in 1971 that they set up in Chalon sur Saône. The surface area is then 800 m² on the ground with just as much attic space, a total of 1600 m². During this same period, the youngest son, James Mercier, came to lend a hand to his parents, followed in 1973 by Mario Mercier and finally in 1975, the eldest son Rémi Mercier joined them. The company then achieved a turnover of 5 million francs (760,000 €).

In 1977, the company expanded further and established itself in Dijon (21) by buying a competitor. In the following years, other competitors were bought out to further develop the company's catchment area.

In 1981, the company had a turnover of more than 18 million francs (2.7m €); it joined the SPF (Société Pipière Française -  French 'tabac' newsagency-type shops) group of wholesalers, which enabled it to develop even more rapidly and significantly (exclusive products, more competitive purchasing prices).

In 1994, the company expanded its operations in Savoie and Haute Savoie, which enabled it to increase sales in the low season through ski resorts.

In 2003, the company approached three other SPF members (Bouttier, Coulaud, Sodip) to found NEODIS, which represented a little more than 35% of the national distribution of newsagency products.

In 2008, the purchase of a toys wholesaler in Isère, specialised in ski resorts, enabled the company to diversify its activities. Following this acquisition, development of toys continues today.

By 2015, the company had 12 sales representatives specialising in newsagencies (tobacco, press, bakery), and 5 sales representatives specialisd in toys (Joué Club, Amazon, and La Grande Récrée).

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