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In 1977, Nick Brown invented a product that completely revolutionised waterproofing for shoes: a way to stay dry in extreme weather conditions.

The product? A waterproofing wax for leather shoes without softening them, so effective that it led to the birth of a whole range of Nikwax care products.

Today, Nikwax is a global leader that offers a wide range of products to consumers in many industries, supplying manufacturers and resellers in the relaxation, leisure and sports markets.

Nikwax manufactures high-quality cleaning and maintenance products that extend the life and improve the performance of your clothes, shoes and equipment. Whether you're working outdoors or spending your free time outside, Nikwax keeps you dry.

Nikwax products are simple to use. The products go exactly where they are needed, leading to less product wastage and therefore cost savings. You can treat your equipment with Nikwax by machine wash, by hand wash or by using our sprays.

Nikwax products are safe to use. Without aerosol propellants, Nikwax products are non-toxic, fluorocarbon-free, environmentally friendly and water based. By using Nikwax you can invigorate your equipment and reduce the impact on natural resources.

Nikwax products keep you dry. aYou can be sure to get the maximum performance from your equipment in the wettest of weather, while staying dry, warm and comfortable. Maximise the enjoyment of your time outdoors (even if it's for work!)

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