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ABS-Airbag is a German company that manufacture a backpack for avalanche protection called ‘Airbag’.

The purpose of the backpack is simple: keep avalanche victims on the surface by increasing their body volume with inflatable balloons.
The ABS Airbag system is a very effective anti-burial solution in an avalanche, and it allows a person caught in an avalanche to escape as unscathed as possible.
The ABS TwinBag system not only prevents you from being buried in the avalanche: it also keeps you as flat as possible during the stopping phase, which allows you to stay on the surface in a lying position to minimise the risk of choking.
The survival rate of 97% constitutes indisputable proof.
ABS backpacks are synonymous with effectiveness, safety and comfort.

Warranty length for the ABS backpack: 2 years
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