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Leki ski poles and Nordic walking poles

Leki is a German brand of ski poles and nordic and trail walking poles that produced its first poles in 1970. Always in search of innovation Leki has more than 250 patents including the famous Trigger S, the first safety ski pole binding that allows to keep the strap of the poles on the glove.

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The snow-white Giulia S model will seduce female skiers with its elegant design. Add a comfortable grip and an ultra-light tube that make it a top-of-the-range, high-performance pole.

For children, we offer the Leki Rider Vario ski pole. An adjustable pole to follow the growth of your children.

Leki trail and Nordic walking poles

Find the models of Trail sticks like the Micro Trail Pro and the women's version the micro trail pro lady. Ultra light, foldable in four strands, it is ideal for long walks. Its exceptional comfort thanks to the Trigger Shark 2.0 gauntlet as well as many other parts to customize and repair your poles.
The range of Nordic walking poles is constantly evolving at Leki like the Smart Comp with its tip directly integrated into the pad to go from tip to pad in no time at all.

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