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Established in 1963 in the Chamonix valley, Dynastar puts its know-how into all its ski and snowboard products. Dynastar started off distributing skis, including Starflex produced by Plastiques Synthetiques, and was born following a collaboration with Plastiques Synthetiques and Dynamic to create a new type ski that was both high-performing and technically innovative at the Compound.

From this experience, which preceded its role to innovate, Dynastar kicked off its full ski manufacturing and its new name — a contraction of Dynamic and Starflex.

Dynastar skis were born!

The growth, legitimacy and longevity of the brand among its peers is due to the ongoing pursuit of its stated goal: to explore new avenues and continually innovate so that skiers get the performance and enjoyment of their dreams.

Dynastar also has a range of accessories for skiing including ski bags and backpacks.

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