Discover a large selection of outdoor equipment like snowshoes, ski poles, trekking poles, outdoor shoes from various major outdoor brands such as Kimberfeel, Julbo, Salomon, Sea to Summit,... Snowuniverse has all the equipment you need to fully enjoy your winter sports.

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How to choose your snowshoes!

Winter sports isn't restricted to just skiing and snowboarding: there so much more to enjoy. Snowshoeing is very popular in the mountains not only for the breathtaking views of nature, but also because it allows you to escape the noise of the ski-lifts. On SnowUniverse's online shop, you'll find a large collection of high-quality snowshoe equipment such as TSL Outdoor snowshoes ready to go, as well as spare parts like crampons, snowshoe covers, grips and more. When selecting snowshoes, consider the terrain you’ll encounter (things like steepness, tree cover and depth of snow) and the types of activities you plan to take on: a winter walk or competition? Check out our buyers guide for snowshoes for expert advice and recommendations.

Nordic Walking pole, trekking pole or trail?

A walk in the mountains can be more challenging than you'd think. Walking with trekking poles can enhance your stability and provide support on all types of terrain such as slippery or uneven rocks, when crossing streams, loose rocks and more. Walking with poles can significantly reduce the amount of stress on legs, hips, and joints, and reduce the likelihood of injury by improving stability. Nowadays, trekking poles are used by a large number of hikers and trekkers whether they are amateurs or professionals. We stock a wide range of Nordic walking poles, as well as trekking poles and trail poles, to match every mountain trail hike.