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Discover a large selection of skis and ski boots from all the big ski brands like Rossignol, Head, Nordica, Blizzard, Volkl and Dynastar. Snowuniverse also has a wide variety of ski accessories to fully equip you before you hit the slopes with your skis: ski poles, ski bags, and ski boots.

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How do you choose the right ski size? Which binding is best suited to me and my skis? Our expertise in alpine skis, including power skis, all-mountain and downhill skis for on-piste skiing will ensure you find the right pair of skis to enjoy winter sports fun to the fullest. For example, before buying a pair of alpine skis, we will assess your level of skiing and find skis that match your abilities. Our alpine ski buyers guide will help you understand the basics of what to look for when choosing a ski and how to buy the right ski so you can find your ideal pair of skis for this winter.

How to choose the right ski boots for you

Snowuniverse, a specialist in skis and snowboards, can provide all the advice you need to choose your pair of ski boots or snowboard boots. As with all winter sports, there are several criteria to consider. Learn more about how to choose ski boots with our buyers guide for alpine ski boots. You can also check our table for how to find the right ski boot size for your foot.

Ski equipment de ski au grand complet.

After you've bought your lovely new pair of skis and ski boots or snowboard and snowboard boots, it's important to make sure that their quality is maintained. A ski bag not only protects your skis during transport, but also makes them much easier to carry. The same applies to snowboards, which are easily damaged without a snowboard bag to protect them. The same applies for ski boots and snowboard boots: a boot bag protects your boots from cold weather and accidental impacts. Finally, before you get your skis onto the snow, make sure you're also protected with quality products: ski helmets, back protectors and other body protectors in case of falls and collisions.